Friday, December 21, 2007

Cleaning the office...

So today I have been cleaning my office. One of the things I love about being a Jr. High pastor is that it seems like the more obscure things you have in your office, the better it is. My students are always giving me things for the office, like pictures, souvenirs from their trips to the grand canyon, etc.. I definitely have some favorite items . Among my top fav's are:
- A "grow a dork" doll (see below)
- My space-man helmet
(see below)
- A signed bowling ball we broke at one of my first bowling outings with the middle school group here. (long story about how it got broken)
- My autograph of George Costanza (Jason Alexander) from Seinfeld.

- A fathers day pic
ture/painting done by my daughter.
- And of course, my cast and director signed movie poster from the movie "The Goonies" (my
Anyway, it's nice to have my office cleaned up so I don't come back to a dump after the Holidays.

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