Thursday, December 27, 2007

Decker Trip Part 1

Well, our trip is underway. We left Denver last night to beat the snow (and it sounds like it was a good idea) and drove to Albuquerque. We stayed in the same hotel our middle school group stayed in on our way back from Mexico last summer. We didn't get in until late, but Emma was wide awake and excited because she claimed it was her first night ever spent in a hotel. Anyway, we decided we would drive today until we got tired and then into San Diego tomorrow. So, on the way through Arizona we passed a sign for the exit for the Grand Canyon. Hmmm. Why not?!? So, we pulled off and headed to the large tourist drenched ditch. There was only one problem. It was another hour away and we had about 30-40 minutes of daylight left. That meant I got to see what the old van could do. We finally got there and none of the girls knew what the Grand Canyon was before we arrived. Once in the park, and after getting lost and panicking because light was fading fast, we quickly found a good overlook, . We got out walked to the edge, looked at it, took a couple really dark pictures and got back in the van and left. Perfect. Ten minutes later and it would have been too dark. Anyway, even in the fading light it was amazing. God's quite an artist.
We are now in Needles, California, staying in a motel that looks like a CSI crime scene waiting to happen, but anxious about gettin to our resort tomorrow. I'll keep you posted...

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