Saturday, December 29, 2007

Decker Trip Part 2

Well, we arrived at our resort yesterday and it is awesome. The resort is in Escondido and called the Lawrence Welk Resort. Now I know I may offend some of you that are a little older, but I really don't know who Lawrence Welk is, except that he had a tv show I think. Anyway, his resort is really cool. Each building of villas is named after a famous golf course. We are staying in one called Pebble Beach. Just a few feet away is a great activities center with tons to do, but most important to the girls... swimming! They have two pools, a splash park, and a water slide. Of course we hit this pretty much after getting out of the car when we arrived. The pools are heated which is a good thing because it's in the 50's/60's. Emma rode the slide last night until she was proud that her lips were purple from being cold. Today we went to moonlight beach then La Jolla Cove. The beach was great. First time for the young girls. Of course we wore regular pants and sweatshirts because it was chilly, but that didn't stop the girls from slowly getting wet and eventually fully emerged. The best part was watching the girls make sand angels which they have talked about doing the whole trip. The only downside for Sydney was that the sand felt "crunchy" in her pants. At La Jolla Cove, we climbed on rocks and went to Children's Beach which has been takin over by seals. Amazing. Girls loved it. Oh and I almost forgot, on the way to La Jolla, we stopped by Torrey Pines Golf Course (home of next years US Open) where Chrissy let me get a new shirt for my birthday. (score!) Tomorrow I get to play one of the two courses here at our resort while the girls swim. (big surprise) Well, Keep praying for us and we'll do the same for you. More to come later...

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