Monday, December 31, 2007

Decker Trip Part 3

So, today was pretty awesome. We decided to go to Legoland California. They have this special thing on New Years Eve for kids where they count down the new year and drop a giant Lego block (instead of the crystal ball) at 6:00pm. They claim they have their own time zone so kids can experience the party and still meet their bed time. I wasn't sure what to expect before we got there, but man it was pretty cool. Pulling in, every sign was made of real legos. When we finally got in the park, it was like a giant kids room on crack! (not sure thats the same description they give in the brochure). Everywhere you looked there were giant things made of legos. The Christmas tree you see in the picture is made of solid legos and is probably 40 feet tall. Unbelievable! Lots of cool rides and not too bad lines. Around 5:00pm, we made our way over to the stage area where they had a band playing and were handing out free noise makers, glow bracelets/necklaces, cool glasses to watch the fireworks with, and a commemorative lego brick with the date and event name on it. We counted down the brick drop and watched a great fireworks display while being rained on with confetti and dancing to music. Almost like times square but with a lot less drunk people and a lot more kids. It was a great time. I'm still not sure who has the job to create all those lego sculptures, but they have way to much patience and time. After that we went to dinner at the spaghetti factory for my birthday. (yes I turned thirty*gulp*four today) Got stuffed and got sang to. Tomorrow I get to go golfing with my buddy Ryan. Should be good times. Pray I can stay up another hour and a half. I've never missed a midnight on new years eve before, but now that I'm officially old, I'm pretty tired...

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