Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy?

So through a few links, I came across the link for a new documentary/comedy movie called What Would Jesus Buy? The movie is put out by Morgan Spurlock who has done documentaries such as "Super Size Me" and the show "30 Days". I am a big fan of documentaries and watch them on TV whenever I can. In fact my wife thinks I'm crazy because the documentary channel is one of my top 5 (others include ESPN, game show network, Travel Channel, and Discovery). The movie follows a (fake) preacher, Rev. Billy, and his "Church of stop shopping" choir as they go around preaching to the public to stop their consumerism and get Christmas back to it's meaning. So, after watching the trailer for it, this movie looks like it could be really funny as well as informative. At first glance I admit that I thought it might just be a blasphemous movie that criticizes Christians, but after reading a Christianity Today review, and seeing an interview of Spurlock at Imago Dei Community in Seattle, I now want to see it. The fact that this year I saw Christmas items out in stores at the end of September, really scares me. I think we do need a wakeup call that consumerism is not what Christmas is about and to show God's love, we need to get back to the meaning of Christmas and maybe give others what they need and not just another starbucks gift card. "Beware of the Shopocalypse" as Rev. Billy would say. I might just have to check this movie out.

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