Thursday, January 31, 2008

High fivin' Bono!

Today I went to one of the best concerts I've been to in a long time. The only thing, was that it was in an imax movie theatre. I went with my friend Jonathan to see the new U23D movie. It was u2's vertigo tour that had been filmed for imax and in 3D while they were in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At first I thought it might be cool, but I was amazed at how real it felt in 3D. As a musician, I loved it! Just feeling like your actually on stage just inches from the drumset or other parts of the band was incredible. If you are a musician, I highly suggest you go see this movie. There were times it looked like we were in the crowd as well, and I really wanted to get up and jump up and down. There was one point in the concert/movie when Bono reached out toward the camera. It looked so real, I actually reached out to give him a high five. I'm not sure what others in the theatre thought seeing some guy swatting his hand in the air yelling "Ya man!", but I enjoyed it. Rock on U2!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pancake Time!

Ok, because my daughters LOVE pancakes and I heard that February 5 is pancake day here is a video to get you inspired...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Riot Night 2008

Friday night was our annual riot night for the middle school department. I was very happy with the results. It was a great night full of fun and craziness. The students had a blast, we gave away some great prizes and most importantly, we had 10 students pray with leaders to make decisions about Christ. I think one of the best things of the night was during our final concert time at the end of the night, we gave away around 150 "tube bangers" donated by the Colorado Rapids soccer team. (if you don't know what they are, they are blow up tubes around 3 feet long that make noise when you hit them together) Anyway, besides banging them together with the band's music the tubes also proved to be great weapons for students to "sword" fight each other as well. Great middle school chaos! We had just shy of 200 students show up, so if you read my last post, you know that I had to dress like a hot dog for church today. Even though we didn't get 200, my intern Jonathan let the students paint his nails (hands and feet) bright pink. Good times! Praise God!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wii bit of trouble

Ok, so our annual outreach event for our middle school group is this Friday. It's called Riot Night and it's an over the top night with a band, speaker, inflatable games, crazy rooms for the students to hang out in, and door prizes such as iPods, etc.. (BTW- a prize we got from one of our sponsers, Starbucks, is a full on frappuccino party for the winner and 6 friends to go to starbucks and have all the frappucinos they want all night. WOW!) Anyway, we challenge our students to invite as many friends as possible. To do this we add incentives. (note the last three years we've averaged around 200 students) This year if 150 students come, I have to wear a hot dog costume to Sunday morning church, if 200 students come not only am I a hot dog, but my intern has to let the students paint his nails and write on his face with markers. Then in the heat of power source last week, I said that if they get 300 students there I will give away my personal Wii as a door prize. I know what your thinking....WHAT?!?! It was like the words came out of my mouth before I could get them back. So, even though that would be a record for Riot Night, I might be going through Wii withdrawal this time next week.

Sick little girl...Update

Today was a much better day for Daphne. She went off the oxygen for some time and her fever came down quite a bit. Looks like she may be able to go home as early as tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the prayers.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sick little girl...

Our youngest daughter Daphne (3y/o) has been sick the past couple of days and started having a pretty high fever. So, Chrissy took her to the doctor this morning and they told us that she has a small case of pneumonia and needed to be admitted to the hospital asap. They gave Chrissy an oxygen bottle to use for Daphne on the way to the new Children's Hospital here in Denver. I got there a little later and the doctors are pretty optimistic and said she will be fine, but they need to keep her for a few days to get everything cleared up. After Daphne broke her arm back in October, she is not too fond of hospitals, but this one is really nice. Since it's brand new, it has all the latest and greatest. They have a play room on her floor, free on demand movies in each room (which Daphne already hit up for the little mermaid), a parents lounge with a coffee machine, fridge and even a washer and dryer to use. Chrissy is staying over night there and I might as well (there's some movies on their menu I would like to see). Please pray for our little blondie and I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Positive Teaching- (A small soapbox for me)

I was talking to someone the other day that asked me a good question. His question was if I had any soapboxes when it comes to preaching/teaching such as styles, content, etc. Good question. Among some of my answers, I would have to say one thing that bothers me is negative teaching. What I mean by this is when speakers tend to commonly use negative situations to make a point in a message. For example, when a speaker will say such things as: "I'm not sure what your going through today. It might be a divorce, or depression, or alcoholism, or financial problems, etc.. Life is hard and the world is full of bad but God is good." Now while I don't disagree with much of that (in fact I think that sometimes there is a place for that), I think the approach of using those negative thoughts/examples is sometimes used to try and make God seem even better. Like we need to point out bad stuff to elevate God to others. My problem comes not when people point out God can help with problems, but when it feels like we need to compare/raise God to make Him seem more appealing. What happened to the belief that God is good enough with out help. I guess this really comes to fruition when this type of example is used on a regular basis. I also think that sometimes the teaching needs to produce a positive mindset for the listeners instead of always being a reminder of how bad we have it. Anyway, any thoughts?

Friday, January 11, 2008

An Abercrombie and Fitch Incedent

Ok, So my intern and I were at the mall yesterday and we decided to go into Abercrombie and Fitch. (Something I probably have only done once in my life.) Now I know they have been known for using advertising on their walls and in their windows that is on the edgier side, but what I saw was something that kind of grossed me out. Upon walking in the store, we see three or four super large pictures of guys without their shirts on. Now, while I'll admit that this doesn't do anything for me, the worst was that one of them was turned around and you could see the top of his bare rear sticking up out of his low riding jeans. Nasty! Now, here's the main question I have. Besides the fact that I think it is morally wrong to be showing bare butts in public, does this really make people want to buy clothes??? I mean do people walk into the store with the idea of just looking around and then see that picture and suddenly something about the crack makes them go "I need to buy something today!"? I mean I really don't see the purpose of it. Anyway, those of you who don't want to see a future plumber or don't want your kids to see it, beware the A&F...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Book Review

2Gether 4Ever: Notes of a Junior High School Heartthrob
by Dene Larson

I wouldn't really consider this a regular book you can sit down and read. It's almost more of a coffee book since the content is just old notes that had been passed between the author and others through out his jr. high years. It didn't take long to read, although I will admit I read parts here or there until I was done. Just the fact that Larson has kept these notes is pretty amazing. He has selected the notes to put into sections such as "I like you, do you like me?" & "We're breaking up". I would have liked the notes to be in some type of order so the reader could follow some type of story, but that might be a little to much to ask. Reading the notes, with the creases from the elaborate folding that only a jr. higher can do, it took me back to my jr. high days of writing notes and dropping them in lockers of friends and prospective girlfriends. It reminded me of how dependent the jr. high years can be on having a girlfriend/boyfriend. I would say that the notes I wrote in jr. high (and we all wrote them) were not so much to do with relationships and who we were "going with", but I guess when I think back, they really were. Like a reviewer on amazon said, thoughts of the show The Wonder Years came to mind when reading it. Man I miss being in jr. high. (maybe why now I teach them)
Anyway, the bottom line is that I would not say this is the best book in the world, but if you want a trip down memory lane to a place where the perfectly folded note was a priority in your life, then this is a cool read. Plus, at the end of the book he has a glossary of note slang and a page showing how to fold the perfect triangle note.
Overall: 3 checked "yes" boxes (out of a possible 5)

("write back soon" for those of you who couldn't remember)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Social Media Report

Ok, so I saw this entry on Marko's blog and thought it would be good to repost for any parents/youthworkers that read this blog. Just some interesting facts. Thanks Marko!

Teens and social media

A new pew study on teens and social media was recently released. it’s really worthwhile reading for youth workers and parents.

here’s the link to the summary.

here’s the link to the entire report in pdf format (44 pages long).

here are a couple paragraphs i found intriguing:

Content creation by teenagers continues to grow, with 64% of online teenagers ages 12 to 17 engaging in at least one type of content creation, up from 57% of online teens in 2004.

Girls continue to dominate most elements of content creation. Some 35% of all teen girls blog, compared with 20% of online boys, and 54% of wired girls post photos online compared with 40% of online boys. Boys, however, do dominate one area - posting of video content online. Online teen boys are nearly twice as likely as online girls (19% vs. 10%) to have posted a video online somewhere where someone else could see it.

Anastasia has some good highlights of this study on the ypulse blog here also.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

In my 34 years of being a Jayhawk fan, I can never remember being very excited about KU football. Sure maybe a few few years along the way they did good enough to make me pay attention until basketball season, but this year marked a change. Suddenly I was interested in the bowl selection, college game day and everything else that goes with Saturday afternoon football. Sure, Missouri fans wined and moaned that they should have been selected for the orange bowl, but KU shut their mouths the other night. Something I thought I would never say: JAYHAWKS ARE ORANGE BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!! Ya baby! Long live Mangino!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Decker Trip Part 4

Yesterday was the big day...Disneyland! Today I can tell you I feel like I have ran 4 straight marathons. (not that I would know what a marathon feels like). Anyway, we left early and got there a little before the park opened. So, we hit a souvenir stand outside the park to buy tshirts and autograph books for less than the park. (BTW- Good idea, but Chrissy washed the tshirt we got for Daphne last night and the picture of sleeping beauty on the front is pretty much gone. Oh well) I will say it was a great day, but the best thing we did was we decided to not wait in line for autographs of the characters, and ate two meals where they come by your table for a meet and greet. For breakfast, we met Chip and Dale, Pooh, Tigger, Captain Hook, some monkey fom the lion king, Alice and the Mad Hatter, and Minney Mouse. Minney was feeling a little feisty I think. I was walking to go get another drink at the buffet when I saw Minney. So I told her that there were three little girls over at that table anxious to meet her. That's when I heard this deep voice come from within and said "be patient big boy, I'll get there". Wow! For dinner we ate at Ariel's Grotto and met most all of the princesses. All in all we had a great time and the girls slept all the way home. There is one thing I need to talk about in regards to yesterday though. I know they may be handy, but I am surprised at how many people wear fanny packs still. I saw all shapes and sizes through out the day and it made me wonder when function won over form. I mean the style police could have had a field day at Disney yesterday. The best one was a man that weighed at least 300 (yes I can talk about him since I am not small either) wearing a neon green one with bright orange letters that said "RAD" on it. Priceless. If you ever see me wearing a fanny pack, please pull me aside and slap me or tell me to pegleg my jeans and give me a tape of the New Kids On The Block, because I am stuck in the 80's.
Well, we head back tomorrow. Pray for our trip and that we make it back safe. Later...