Thursday, January 03, 2008

Decker Trip Part 4

Yesterday was the big day...Disneyland! Today I can tell you I feel like I have ran 4 straight marathons. (not that I would know what a marathon feels like). Anyway, we left early and got there a little before the park opened. So, we hit a souvenir stand outside the park to buy tshirts and autograph books for less than the park. (BTW- Good idea, but Chrissy washed the tshirt we got for Daphne last night and the picture of sleeping beauty on the front is pretty much gone. Oh well) I will say it was a great day, but the best thing we did was we decided to not wait in line for autographs of the characters, and ate two meals where they come by your table for a meet and greet. For breakfast, we met Chip and Dale, Pooh, Tigger, Captain Hook, some monkey fom the lion king, Alice and the Mad Hatter, and Minney Mouse. Minney was feeling a little feisty I think. I was walking to go get another drink at the buffet when I saw Minney. So I told her that there were three little girls over at that table anxious to meet her. That's when I heard this deep voice come from within and said "be patient big boy, I'll get there". Wow! For dinner we ate at Ariel's Grotto and met most all of the princesses. All in all we had a great time and the girls slept all the way home. There is one thing I need to talk about in regards to yesterday though. I know they may be handy, but I am surprised at how many people wear fanny packs still. I saw all shapes and sizes through out the day and it made me wonder when function won over form. I mean the style police could have had a field day at Disney yesterday. The best one was a man that weighed at least 300 (yes I can talk about him since I am not small either) wearing a neon green one with bright orange letters that said "RAD" on it. Priceless. If you ever see me wearing a fanny pack, please pull me aside and slap me or tell me to pegleg my jeans and give me a tape of the New Kids On The Block, because I am stuck in the 80's.
Well, we head back tomorrow. Pray for our trip and that we make it back safe. Later...

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