Thursday, January 31, 2008

High fivin' Bono!

Today I went to one of the best concerts I've been to in a long time. The only thing, was that it was in an imax movie theatre. I went with my friend Jonathan to see the new U23D movie. It was u2's vertigo tour that had been filmed for imax and in 3D while they were in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At first I thought it might be cool, but I was amazed at how real it felt in 3D. As a musician, I loved it! Just feeling like your actually on stage just inches from the drumset or other parts of the band was incredible. If you are a musician, I highly suggest you go see this movie. There were times it looked like we were in the crowd as well, and I really wanted to get up and jump up and down. There was one point in the concert/movie when Bono reached out toward the camera. It looked so real, I actually reached out to give him a high five. I'm not sure what others in the theatre thought seeing some guy swatting his hand in the air yelling "Ya man!", but I enjoyed it. Rock on U2!

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