Sunday, January 20, 2008

Positive Teaching- (A small soapbox for me)

I was talking to someone the other day that asked me a good question. His question was if I had any soapboxes when it comes to preaching/teaching such as styles, content, etc. Good question. Among some of my answers, I would have to say one thing that bothers me is negative teaching. What I mean by this is when speakers tend to commonly use negative situations to make a point in a message. For example, when a speaker will say such things as: "I'm not sure what your going through today. It might be a divorce, or depression, or alcoholism, or financial problems, etc.. Life is hard and the world is full of bad but God is good." Now while I don't disagree with much of that (in fact I think that sometimes there is a place for that), I think the approach of using those negative thoughts/examples is sometimes used to try and make God seem even better. Like we need to point out bad stuff to elevate God to others. My problem comes not when people point out God can help with problems, but when it feels like we need to compare/raise God to make Him seem more appealing. What happened to the belief that God is good enough with out help. I guess this really comes to fruition when this type of example is used on a regular basis. I also think that sometimes the teaching needs to produce a positive mindset for the listeners instead of always being a reminder of how bad we have it. Anyway, any thoughts?

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