Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wii bit of trouble

Ok, so our annual outreach event for our middle school group is this Friday. It's called Riot Night and it's an over the top night with a band, speaker, inflatable games, crazy rooms for the students to hang out in, and door prizes such as iPods, etc.. (BTW- a prize we got from one of our sponsers, Starbucks, is a full on frappuccino party for the winner and 6 friends to go to starbucks and have all the frappucinos they want all night. WOW!) Anyway, we challenge our students to invite as many friends as possible. To do this we add incentives. (note the last three years we've averaged around 200 students) This year if 150 students come, I have to wear a hot dog costume to Sunday morning church, if 200 students come not only am I a hot dog, but my intern has to let the students paint his nails and write on his face with markers. Then in the heat of power source last week, I said that if they get 300 students there I will give away my personal Wii as a door prize. I know what your thinking....WHAT?!?! It was like the words came out of my mouth before I could get them back. So, even though that would be a record for Riot Night, I might be going through Wii withdrawal this time next week.

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