Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feeling better

So I have been sick the past 3-4 days with the nasty bug that is going around. It seems like every family we know has at least one person out of commission. Friday I was laying in bed half asleep when my daughter Daphne came in at around 8am. She crawled in our bed, snuggled up to me and poked me on the cheek. I was totally expecting her to ask me to go get her a drink, since she her idea of me being sick does not exclude me from waiting on her. So I opened my eyes and her face was right near mine and she whispered softly "I love you daddy" which she followed with a big smile. Wow, I could have been sicker than I ever have been and not known it. Nothing can make you feel better than that.
I think I'm finally getting over the bug and will hopefully be back to myself tomorrow...

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