Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nuggets game- For Adults Only

Monday night I got the opportunity to go to a Nuggets game. They played the Pistons and lost in the last minute. It was a great game, at least the basketball part. But, I was totally surprised by what took place during the breaks. During some of the breaks the mascot comes out and does some goofy stunts which is pretty cool, but then the Nuggets "dancers" come out during other breaks and do dance routines. Now, all three of my daughters take dance and I have a very high appreciation for that art of dance and the talent it takes to do it. However, I was surprised at the routines that take place during the games. First of all, the dancers first come on the court with oversize button up baseball style jerseys on that barely cover their rear ends to where it looks like they have no pants on. After a minute of suggestive dancing, they all rip open their jerseys (not unlike what a stripper would do I'm assuming) and reveal themselves in tops that look like extra small bikini tops and shorts so short that their butt cheeks hang out the bottom. They then proceed to bend over and dance even more suggestively. I'm not sure if the nuggets want to paint their games as family friendly, but I would have a hard time explaining to my girls why their dance team doesn't do these same kind of routines.
On a side note, the half time was performed by the early nineties rap group Digital Underground in what they said was their last live performance ever. Man did that bring back memories of high school....

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