Monday, February 25, 2008

Pot Pourri

- Tonight I'm going with my intern Jonathan to a Nuggets game. They play the Pistons. With A.I., Carmelo Anthony and Kenyan Martin, you'd think the nuggets would be better. Anyway, should be a blast!
- I just found Jon Foreman's (lead singer of switchfoot) solo e.p.'s online. He's doing one for each season. "Fall" and "Winter" are already out. The music is real acoustic folk style. Right up my alley. Click here to check it out.
- Last night I watched an episode of "Cold Case" that had to do with a mom and two daughters that were homeless. At the end, I was crying my eyes out. Really gut wrenching.
- My office is way too small and has way too much stuff in it. I'm thinking of knocking down the wall that makes my closet to give myself more room.
- Sydney broke her training wheels on her bike by jumping it off a curb in front of our house. So now we are trying to teach her to ride without them. This could be dangerous once she learns. She is definitely a daredevil!
- In my devotions yesterday, I re-read the passage where Jesus washes the disciples feet. It really reminded me how much we need to slow down and let Jesus do for us just as much as we try and do for him.

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