Tuesday, March 11, 2008

...And He rose again.

I'm beginning a two week lesson series in our youth group tonight called "Easter: What's the big deal?" Over these two weeks I am going to take the students though the meaning and importance of the cross (week 1) and the empty tomb (week2). I can't wait to give the lesson next week on the empty tomb. The reason is because it seems like Easter season is centered on the cross (which makes sense) but sometimes the resurrection of Christ is almost one of those things thrown in at the end. Not that Christians don't celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday, but the image most people see when they think of Easter is the cross. I don't want our students to look only at the outstanding meaning and purpose of what was done on the cross, and inadvertently put less importance on the resurrection of the Savior. With out Jesus raising from the dead, our faith is useless. (1 Cor. 15:14) Even Peter argues the importance of the resurrection in Acts 2.
So my goal is to not have a student only think of the cross at Easter, but the empty tomb as well. Pray for me...

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