Friday, March 14, 2008

Book Review

The Deity Formally Known as God
by Jarrett Stevens

So I just finished this book that really is an easy read. With so many books written lately on how our culture doesn't like Christians and how the image of God has been skewed for non-believers due to the actions and attitudes of Christians, I was expecting the same old story here. But what I like about this book is that it actually can be applied to the way a lot of Christians view God as well. As an "update" to J.B. Phillip's book "Your God Is Too Small", I thought it did a good job of explaining the different views of God a lot of people can subscribe too. While I didn't feel like it was a real in-depth theological mind stretching read, I think it is still a good read for any Christian. Stevens does a good job using stories to help explain the points and thus making it a read that might be a little more teenager friendly than some other books I've read lately. Compared to some of the other books to come out of Northpoint from Andy Stanley or Louie Giglio, I don't think it was quite as impact-full for me. Anyway, I still feel very comfortable recommending the book. (Plus the graphics design for each chapter was pretty cool)
Overall: 4.0 on a 5.0 Richter Scale

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Ryan Paulson said...

I agree. Maybe not the most profound book ever written, but it was a good read. It actually made me want to to read "Your God is too Small." As I was reading the book, I thought that it would make a good teaching series. Coming soon!