Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pot Pourri

- The book of Ezekiel is really hittin me in my devotion time. In chapter 2 or 3 when he says he eats the words God gives him to tell the house of Israel and they taste as sweet honey, really makes me wonder how I look at what God wants me to teach students and if my study in the Word is sweet as honey...
- I filled out my NCAA bracket today. I only fill out one, unlike some guys who fill out 4 or 5. I even filled it out in pen so there's no going back. My final four? UCLA, Kansas, Texas, and surprise team- Tennessee! I have Kansas winning it all over UCLA. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
- I went to swim lessons with my daughters Saturday, and they are all natural fish. Sydney's teacher, though, wears glasses in the pool and has a mullet. A combo for disaster if you ask me, but he actually does a good job teaching.
- Chrissy and I watch American Idol, but lately I have drawn a very high dislike for Paula. She gets on my nerves with her dumb comments, and if some one does bad, she always complements how they look. It's like the American Idol kiss of death.
- I rented the movie August Rush on itunes but haven't watched it yet. It looks really good.
- I've decided I'm going to start riding my bike to work to help get in shape. (fortunately the weather is going crazy in march so I haven't started yet...)

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