Monday, April 28, 2008

mac problems...

My computer had to go to the mac doctor and so it's been a week and a half without it. I never realized just how dependent I am on it. Anyway, I haven't been able to post much. Hopefully I'll get it back today or tomorrow. So what am I using for this post? My beloved iPod touch!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm humbled...

Sometimes there's nothing that humbles me more than my daughters. Tonight I am watching my two youngest daughters, like I do every Thursday while Chrissy teaches at the dance studio. When we got home I started to get ready to cook dinner for the girls and I was informed by Sydney that for the rest of the night her and Daphne were "the princesses" and I am "the servant". So, all through my dinner prep, the girls were yelling from the living room things like "When's our dinner going to be ready, servant?" or "I'm thirsty servant!" I was told once, when I brought "the princesses" their food, "I love you servant... but what is for dessert?" I love playing make believe with them, but there is something humbling about a 5 year old calling me servant. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

OK, call me old...

I can't say I particularly feel old. I can't say many people call me old. (except for the occasional middle school student, who thinks anyone over 25 is old) I can't even say I act old. But yesterday was the exception. We went to Elitch Gardens (the local amusement park) with our family and one of Emma's friends. Chrissy took the little girls to the kiddie park while I took Emma and her friend to ride the big rides/roller coasters. Now normally I would be all about riding as many rides with them as possible. I love roller coasters. Yesterday, however, I just didn't feel like riding any. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I've been to a thousand amusement parks with youth groups or I was just tired, but I didn't ride a single ride! Isn't that lame? Well not as lame as what I did while the girls were in line and riding the rides... I snuck in a book and read while waiting for them! The definition of old! The book is on volunteer management and is awesome. (I'll have a review post soon) Anyway, I was still a sucker and played a few games and won the girls a stuffed animal (including a massive pink tiger that Emma will stick in the corner of her room and never play with). All in all it was a good day, but today I need to go skateboarding or something to balance it out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol Worship Version

Not sure if you guys saw this on American Idol last night, but they ended their big "Idol Gives Back" night with a worship song- "Shout to The Lord". I didn't notice it at first, but they replaced the word Jesus at the beginning of the song with the word shepherd, but I still think it was pretty powerful. I know a few of the finalists are believers. How would you like this to be worship at church each Sunday... WOW!
***UPDATE*** They sang it again tonight on idol and included the word Jesus. Still awesome!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!!!

It's been a long 20 years waiting for Kansas to win another national title. Tonight my wait came to an end. The Jayhawks overcame a great Memphis team to win the final four! I can still remember being in the 8th grade when they one their last one. Tonight I truthfully think I had a tear in my eye when the final buzzer went off. It's a great day to be a Jayhawk!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Go Jayhawks!

I'm not sure if it's theologically right to pray for victory in the final four, but say a prayer for the Jayhawks today!
Rock Chalk!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've Joined The Dark Side!

After a 30 year battle of being tempted to join the dark side, the force was to strong...
I now drink Diet Coke.
Let's have a moment of silence...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Health = Godliness?

Ok, so I started a new diet this past week online and have started a workout regimen that has me in the gym at least every other day if not more. I have only been doing it for a week, but I've already lost 5 pounds. While the weight loss is awesome and a main goal for me, I also started this to get healthier. I will have to be honest with you, not only do I feel like I am starting to have more energy, but I feel more positive as well. With this positivity, I have felt more encouraged to dig in to the Bible and excited in my spirit. I've been pondering how the Bible tells us that we were created in the image of God. With God's creation of man, he made Adam and Eve without any sickness or disease. But with the fall, our health now became an issue. So, with myself getting healthier, I almost feel like I am growing closer to God through the fact that I am getting closer (even though it's the smallest of amount) to how God originally created us. Not sure if any of this makes sense, but all I know is that I'm feeling not only physically healthier, but spiritually healthier as well. It feels good.