Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Health = Godliness?

Ok, so I started a new diet this past week online and have started a workout regimen that has me in the gym at least every other day if not more. I have only been doing it for a week, but I've already lost 5 pounds. While the weight loss is awesome and a main goal for me, I also started this to get healthier. I will have to be honest with you, not only do I feel like I am starting to have more energy, but I feel more positive as well. With this positivity, I have felt more encouraged to dig in to the Bible and excited in my spirit. I've been pondering how the Bible tells us that we were created in the image of God. With God's creation of man, he made Adam and Eve without any sickness or disease. But with the fall, our health now became an issue. So, with myself getting healthier, I almost feel like I am growing closer to God through the fact that I am getting closer (even though it's the smallest of amount) to how God originally created us. Not sure if any of this makes sense, but all I know is that I'm feeling not only physically healthier, but spiritually healthier as well. It feels good.

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