Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fortune cookies and faith..

Today I went to lunch with the other youth staff guys and enjoyed some great Chinese orange chicken (small bowl due to diet) and decided to finish the meal with one of my favorite foods... a fortune cookie. Where else can you enjoy a tasty cookie and have a vision of your future given to you at the same time? After hoping my fortune cookie went along with what I desire for my future and then checking it, no luck. Something about "You will have a very pleasant experience" isn't so clear. What experience? How pleasant? Looking back at it, I realize how often I actually do this everyday. So often I try and work my "agenda" into figuring out what God has for me next. Unfortunately this usually only leads to confusion and frustration. Tonight I taught the students from I Samuel 16 where God has Samuel go and anoint David as His chosen. Teaching the students, I taught on seeing others through God's eyes not the world's eyes, but He had a different lesson for me while studying this passage. Though Samuel thought Eliab (Jesse's stud son) would surely be God's choice, He learned God had David the youngest in mind. How many times do I have in mind what God must have in store for me only to later realize I have no clue. Man it's hard to trust God fully sometimes, but thank goodness for fortune cookies to remind me how stupid it is for me to try and figure it out on my own.

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