Thursday, May 01, 2008

Movie Review

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Today I went with my intern Jonathan to see the movie Expelled. Being a documentary freak, I have been looking forward to this. I went in knowing a little about the movie but was pleasantly surprised at how much more it turned out to be. The movie, for those who don't don't know, is a documentary about the science community and how those who even mention intelligent design as a valid hypothesis to investigate are being shunned and even fired. I like how the movie shows that the theory of intelligent design is not necessarily a religious idea or propaganda for creationism, but a valid scientific theory to be looked at by the science community and higher education. The only thing in the movie that I might have done without was some of the old film clips that were interjected through out the movie for comic/artistic effect. While I think the ones that had to do with the Berlin wall (which represented how those in the scientific community are being silenced and robbed of the freedom of questioning the theories of Darwin) really made a profound point, the rest of them kind of got annoying by the second half of the movie. All in all, I loved seeing a movie in the theater that is bringing out this very true problem and exposing it to the public. Great information, great production, great movie.

Overall 4.9 buckets of popcorn out of 5

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