Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today I went with my buddy Jonathan to the mall to look for a few things (and of course to check out the sports memorabilia store). After pounding a great ice cream cone from the food court, I decided to stop in the "Spencer's Gifts" store. Every mall has one and I remember shopping there growing up. Now when I was growing up, I remember all these cool and abstract things sold at Spencer's, but I also remember there was always one rack in the back that would have items that were a little risque. Man was I surprised when I walked into the store today! I have never seen so many perverted items in one store ever. The days of it being one small shelf in the back are over. Everything from sexual items to pot smoking items to straight up profanity, I couldn't believe it. I literally could not stay in the store for more than 5 minutes, I felt dirty just from seeing some of the items for sale. What made me sick the most was that the only shoppers I saw in the store were a few high school students and around a half a dozen middle schoolers. I can't believe they allow this crap to be sold in a family friendly mall....

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Ken said...

"Family Friendly Mall" that's funny, bro. The only thing the mall cares about when it comes to "families" is getting some more of your family's cash.

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