Monday, July 14, 2008

Is It That Obvious?

Ok, I had something really odd happen to me today. I had a little extra time after eating lunch so I decided to go check out the local thrift store down the street from the church. Now this is no ordinary thrift store, it's huge. Rows and rows of clothes. Anyway, while I was walking past an aisle of clothing, a random man started signaling and asking for me to come to him and help him with something. So I walked over to him and he seemed very normal (and straight) but he proceeded to hold up a shirt and ask me if it would look good on him, especially with his skin tone. He said "because if it doesn't look real good, then I'm not going to buy it". He said "because you look like you would know what looks good". Once I gave him my opinion, he went on to have me give my opinion on about 10 more shirts that were in his cart. Now here is where my question comes in, why did he think I had this certain fashion talent? IS IT THAT OBVIOUS that I enjoy watching "Project Runway" with my wife? I thought that was a secret that no one knew, but maybe it's starting to show. Scary! And what is worse is that I actually only approved of 4 out of the 10 shirts because the others just wouldn't work for him...

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