Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Pot Pourri

- I downloaded the new i-Phone/i-Pod touch software update a week or two ago on my i-Pod touch. I wasn't sure if it would be worth the $10, but just new "app store" feature is worth it to me. It's cool being able to download games from any wi-fi hot spot.

- Today I was in Sam's Club with my wife and decided to look through their book section. I saw one of the more frustrating book titles I've seen in a while. It was entitled "The 150 Most Important Bible Verses". Wow! Who gets to decide that and who's going to tell God that the rest of His Word is not as important than these verses. Crazy!

- My beloved Boston Red Sox traded Manny Ramirez today to the Dodgers. I will miss his hitting, but the drama will definitely not be missed. (Boston's going to acquire Matt Holiday from the Rockies in the off season anyway)

- Ask anyone about Denver and they will tell you it brings thoughts of snow and skiing. But the last week or two has been in the 90's everyday and only getting hotter.

- My two youngest daughters are such divas. This morning we had to search the whole house before they went to school to find their pink umbrellas. They said they needed them to stay cool from the car to their classrooms. (remember, they are 5 y/0 and 4 y/0)

- Plans for the fall in our student ministries are coming together. I pray that God uses us to help Him change lives of middle school and high school students for eternity!

- As I'm writing this, my oldest daughter is reading over my shoulder and singing "Camp Rock" directly in my ear....the joys of having daughters!

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