Friday, August 15, 2008

Sayin Goodbye Is Hard...

Today is the last day for my intern who's worked with us in some fashion for 4 years. Jonathan joined our ministry while still in high school. He has grown tremendously since he started with us. Jonathan is one of those outgoing people that just seems to be a student magnet. Everyone loves Jonny! From going out at 4:00 am to wake students up for a stupid youth video to laying on our faces in prayer in my office on behalf of the youth group, I have some great memories of my time with him. He has not only been my intern, but has been my best friend as well. I believe God is going to use him greatly in youth ministry in the future. I honestly think he knows more about youth ministry now than most youth pastors. I'll miss him, but am excited for him as well. He will be leaving next week for L.A. to transfer to Biola University. May God bless him in his studies (and help him find a wife as well! LOL!) I'll miss you big guy!

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