Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch Phrases...

Ok, so I am a big fan of catch phrases. For some reason every once in a while I will find a small two or three word saying and begin to use it until it gets old and I need to find a new one. It could be "Shake n Bake!" or "Rock on!" or Kramer's favorite "Giddy up!". But my question is this... When do catch phrases just seem out of place for who is saying them. I mean today I was playing golf with two white guys that were probably in their late 40's to early 50's and they both would not stop saying "True dat!" (yes they pronounced it with a d and not th). For some reason it just didn't seam right coming from them, but hey what ever works for them. Know what I mean? Fo Shizzle! Got any good catch phrases for me to try out?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sydney's first lost tooth!

So my 5 year old finally lost her first wiggly tooth tonight. She was so excited, all night she never stopped smiling to show everyone the void in her mouth. In fact I think she even went to sleep smiling!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I can do that...

In honor of the U.S. winning the Ryder Cup yesterday, I figured I should post a golf video. Even though Tiger Woods didn't play in the Ryder Cup due to injury, this video of him is awesome. Is it real? Who cares...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Open mouth, Insert foot

Last Sunday after church, our pastor came to me with a visitor for me to meet. Since she was from Kansas and I grew up there, he thought I should meet her. We began talking and I found out she grew up very near where I did. In fact our schools played each other in high school sports. Anyway, the whole time we were talking I kept thinking she looked familiar but I couldn't place where I knew her from. We got to talking about the KC Chiefs because we are both fans. I made the statement that I hope they do better than the Broncos this year. She went on to say how she heard the Broncos might be the surprise team of the year. To which my response was "No, the Broncos stink! They are horrible!" I then asked her name and she said Danni. We said goodbye and she left. Fifteen minutes later it hit me. Danni... Chiefs Fan... from Kansas... She was Danni Boatwright, the girl who won Survivor: Guatamala a few years back! I watched that season of survivor and remember her! The worst thing is, is her husband was the center for the Chiefs and just got traded to the Broncos. The same Broncos I just told her were horrible and stink. oops.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Thoughts on Chuck E. Cheese...

OK, I am the first to admit that I am not a big fan of Chuck E. Cheese. So, when I asked my wife Chrissy who turned 35 today where she wanted to go for her birthday, it was not exactly fireworks going off for me when she replied "Chuck E. Cheese". After listening to her explain her reasoning, it was pretty understandable since it's one of the only places she can let our three daughters run crazy while she sits back and chills out. And I have to admit, tonight I had some fun. First off they have made every game in the place cost only one token, and second they have added some old school games like galaga and centipede. But while this makes me happy, there's still stuff that creeps me out about the place. The fact that you see kids pumping coins into machines to get as many tickets as possible, I wonder what they are learning. At one point tonight I looked across the room and saw my oldest daughter pushing tokens into a machine so fast it reminded me of some old wrinkly lady in a casino with a half-lit cigarette hanging off her lip playing the nickel slots all day. Scarry. Then you have the prize counter where kids are hittin up the worker to give them just one more piece of candy or one more cheap rubber frog like they are hittin up a pusher for their next fix but turned away because they don't have enough money. Now I know alot of people enjoy Chuk E. Cheese's, and maybe I am going a little to far, but hey... the place is centered around a rat....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hall Of Fame Night!

Tonight my dad is in town for a short visit. So I got us some great front row seats to the Rockies vs. Giants game. We got there early to watch some batting practice. After barely missing some foul balls and getting a few autographs from some of the Giants players (we sat on the visitor side) I was walking to get a drink when I saw him... Cal Ripkin Jr.! I'm still not sure what he was doing at the game, but I ran and bought a ball real quick and made my way down to where he was standing behind home plate to get it signed. He was very gracious and signed it for me. How often do you get to meet a hall of famer? To top the night off, we got on the jumbo screen once and the rockies won the game in the bottom of the 12th inning! Great memories!