Monday, September 15, 2008

Open mouth, Insert foot

Last Sunday after church, our pastor came to me with a visitor for me to meet. Since she was from Kansas and I grew up there, he thought I should meet her. We began talking and I found out she grew up very near where I did. In fact our schools played each other in high school sports. Anyway, the whole time we were talking I kept thinking she looked familiar but I couldn't place where I knew her from. We got to talking about the KC Chiefs because we are both fans. I made the statement that I hope they do better than the Broncos this year. She went on to say how she heard the Broncos might be the surprise team of the year. To which my response was "No, the Broncos stink! They are horrible!" I then asked her name and she said Danni. We said goodbye and she left. Fifteen minutes later it hit me. Danni... Chiefs Fan... from Kansas... She was Danni Boatwright, the girl who won Survivor: Guatamala a few years back! I watched that season of survivor and remember her! The worst thing is, is her husband was the center for the Chiefs and just got traded to the Broncos. The same Broncos I just told her were horrible and stink. oops.


The Howells said...

Way to Go! Fo Shizzle!

The Howells said...
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