Friday, October 24, 2008

Parenting Joys

So last night I had a great parenting moment. One of those moments that you want to pull your hair out one by one. I took Sydney and Daphne to the store to grab some stuff to make homemade pizza. While in the store Daphne and Sydney kept finding it funny to turn around and act like they were shaking their bottoms at me. I didn't really say a lot about it since they had just got out of dance class and figured it must be part of a routine. Then when we finally got home and pulled in to the drive way, I heard Sydney say "Look the neighbors are out!" We got out of the car and while I pulled the groceries out of the car I noticed our neighbors had a strange look on their face as they gazed toward our house. Then I looked down and saw that Sydney had turned around and was shaking her bottom at them. The only problem, was this time she had pulled down her pants to expose a full moon! What is she doing! Needless to say, my wave to the neighbors was a little awkward while I had groceries in one hand and a half naked girl scooped up in the other trying to rush into the house. What a Joy!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I finally got published! OK, maybe I didn't get a whole book published, but I was able to contribute a small part for Kurt Johnston's new book Middle School Ministry Made Simple. The book is an updated version of his popular book Controlled Chaos. Kurt (The Student Ministries Director at Saddleback Church) asked some student pastors to write some short "from the trenches" stories for his new book. So, I gave him a story about a time we went on our 8th grade adventure trip. I got a copy of it yesterday and it's a great book, and not just because it has a small story from me in it. I will be having a signing party in my office Friday at noon if anybody wants a copy signed. (OK, maybe I'm going a little too far with this...)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blast from the past

So I was checking out Marko's blog the other day and saw a link to a cool online app. where you can put your picture into some old yearbook photos. It's called yearbook yourself and is there to advertise shopping malls. Pretty fun, but the scary thing is that the picture from 1988 looked exactly like one of my 10th grade yearbook picture even though my yearbook picture was in the early nineties. Freaky!

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