Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ok, Ok, I'll tell you about Kid Rock...

After many friends have come up to me since my return from the national youth workers conference in Nashville to tell them my "Kid Rock" story, I figured I would share it here...
So one night during the conference this last weekend I decided to go a couple of blocks from the convention center downtown on Broadway street to get some dinner. The BBQ place I was going to visit is right in the middle of all these "honky tonk" bars that line either side of Broadway Street that offer live country music in each one. Well, while walking toward the restaurant, I saw 5-6 people standing outside one of the bars. I didn't pay much attention to them except to notice a couple of them were pretty big. Anyway, I literally come with in inches of running head into one of them on accident and looked up at him face to face. When I looked up, I immediately recognized him as Kid Rock. So before I could think of what to say I instantly said "What's up Kid?" to which he said "Not much man, how are you?" At this point I backed up so I wouldn't be inches from his face and said I was doing good and asked him what he was up to. He continued by saying "not much man, just hangin! Well I gotto go, I'll talk to you later..." I bid him a farewell and he crossed the street and went in a non-descript door in between two other honky-tonk bars. Totally random, I know.

Anyway, about 30 minutes later I finished dinner and had time to spare so I decided to cross the street to see where Kid went. I went in the non-marked door that was between two country bars and inside was a long, blank, white hallway with a stairwell at the end. So being my curious self, I went up the stairs. This is where it baffled me. At the top of the stairs was a business with glass doors that had all it's lights out and was closed for the day and one other door on my left with a frosted window in it. "Where did Kid go? This was a dead end." As I stood there I began to notice music coming from where the non-marked door with the frosted window was. As I got closer to it, I noticed it was club music. I then looked next to the door and noticed a device that reads fingerprints in order for you to gain entrance. Very scary stuff. But of course that didn't stop my stupidity of putting my finger on the sensor. My heart was racing as I watched it scan my fingerprint and I then saw a red light come on meaning I was denied. However at the split second the red light came on, a guy comes busting out of the door. At this point I thought I messed my pants! I figured he was a bouncer, mafia member, or some killing machine coming for me, but he looks at me and says "Man I need to go smoke a cigerette, here..." and he holds the door open for me. Yes... Of course I went in. Once inside I seee that it's a sweet high dollar club with a bar and plush furniture. There were only around a dozen people in there (non of which were Kid Rock. He must have left). After being in there for no more than a minute, a guy in a suit came up to me (and remember I am standing there with a bag from my convention over my shoulder and a knucklehead look on my face) and he asked me what I was doing. I told him sheepishl that I was looking for a friend and he then told me I needed to leave right then. So fearing the worst I left and made it back to the convention for that nights session with my daily adventure out of the way.

And yes, this is 100% true.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stupid Television For Guys!

OK, last night I got home and decided just to veg in front of the TV. I was flipping through the 150 or so channels we have that never seem to have anything good on, when I saw a show entitled "Human Wrecking Balls". Now for a guy, that sounded like something I had to check out. Destruction is always a plus. So I turned it on and low and behold it was exactly like the title. Two guys (I think they are brothers) who remind you of two good ol' boys you would find either at a local pub or coming out of a hooters, take ordinary things and spend a whole show destroying them with their bare hands (and feet, shoulders, etc.). Dawned in t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, they proceeded to take on an 80's Camaro and rip it apart. It was so stupid it was awesome. These guys, that don't have enough sense not to run full force into a car door with their shoulder in an attempt to break it off, are actually entertaining. In that "here's a home video of my cousin jumping off a 10 foot fork lift into the top of a car onto his shoulder and then asking for a beer when he limps away" kind of way, I found a new show to tivo. Next week they destroy a hotel room! Thanks G4 for putting on such mind numbing programming for guys!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Artistic Worship

I usually don't like posting stuff from other peoples blogs, but I saw this on Josh Griffin's blog and thought it was too cool not to share. I have always been a fan of artistic worship styles and this song by Pace Hartfield and Fellowship Church about being a "new creation" is definitely artistic. Very inspiring!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Pot Pourri

- Yesterday we took the girls to the dollar movies to see Wall-E. I was a little afraid of seeing a movie with hardly any words, but it turned out to be great!
- Our girls still have enough candy to last them the rest of the year. However, we have caught Sydney sneaking out of her bed and climbing up to the top of the refrigerator to get her candy bag and pound some candy at night, so her's might not last.
- I count it an honor to be able to vote in this country, but I am VERY glad that the political TV ads will be off the air after tuesday!
- I just saw that the Denver Nuggets are trading Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups today! I can't wait! I'm ready for basketball season (NCAA and NBA) since the Chiefs are so horrible in the NFL this year.
- If you are in ministry, you will know what I am talking about. I am totally at the point where I am fed up with all the red tape/ behind the scenes work that goes with ministry. I wish that instead of spending so much time on details and paper work, we could spend that time with students. I know there's a place for administration, but I wish it took less time away from hands on ministry.
- The weather in Denver lately has been awesome! I got to play golf twice last week and hopefully play once this week on my day off. I need to take advantage while I can.
- Current CD I'm listening to: Ancient Skies by The Michael Gungor Band (I Really love the song "White Man"- great message)