Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stupid Television For Guys!

OK, last night I got home and decided just to veg in front of the TV. I was flipping through the 150 or so channels we have that never seem to have anything good on, when I saw a show entitled "Human Wrecking Balls". Now for a guy, that sounded like something I had to check out. Destruction is always a plus. So I turned it on and low and behold it was exactly like the title. Two guys (I think they are brothers) who remind you of two good ol' boys you would find either at a local pub or coming out of a hooters, take ordinary things and spend a whole show destroying them with their bare hands (and feet, shoulders, etc.). Dawned in t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, they proceeded to take on an 80's Camaro and rip it apart. It was so stupid it was awesome. These guys, that don't have enough sense not to run full force into a car door with their shoulder in an attempt to break it off, are actually entertaining. In that "here's a home video of my cousin jumping off a 10 foot fork lift into the top of a car onto his shoulder and then asking for a beer when he limps away" kind of way, I found a new show to tivo. Next week they destroy a hotel room! Thanks G4 for putting on such mind numbing programming for guys!

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The Howells said...

John and I were watching this clip and suddenly we hear our 5 year old son say "OH Cool!" then he watched the rest of the clip. I guess this show is for boys of all ages.