Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quick Christmas Story

Ok, so we had a great Christmas today. What we usually do is have our kids open a lot of their presents on Christmas Eve, and then we save a couple big ones for them to open on Christmas morning along with their stocking gifts.
Anyway, our girls were so excited last night that we thought they would never go to sleep. Needless to say, Chrissy and I didn't get to sleep until pretty late. So, when at the crack of dawn our girls ran in our bedroom and started shaking me to wake up, I wasn't real excited. I told Sydney "Give me a few minutes and then I'll get up", hoping that could by me a few extra winks of sleep. Five minutes later Sydney comes in the bedroom with a crisp one dollar bill and says "Daddy, I'll pay you a dollar to get up!" Well, she knew my price and she bought me off. I got up and had a great time watching the kids open gifts. The only bummer about the whole deal was that after opening presents, I found out that Sydney had taken the dollar bill from Daphne's piggy bank, so I had to give it back...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pot Pourri

- My family is in town from Kansas for around 3-4 days. I love seeing them, but I have a small feeling like we are being visited by "Cousin Eddy" from the movie Christmas Vacation...

- I currently have around 4 books in the hopper to read over the holidays. The one I am in the middle of right now is Marko's book Youth Ministry 3.0 . I am just getting to the "good" part where he describes where youth ministry is headed, in his opinion, and I will have a review up on the blog soon.

- The Red Sox changed their away uniforms for this next year to resemble more of a nostalgic look. However, they are grey with blue lettering and for some reason remind me of the Yankee's uniforms, which is never good!

- The Christmas break is always bitter sweet for me. I love getting a break from some of the daily grind of ministry, but I miss being with students for a few weeks...

- We are having a really hard time nailing down our mission trip for this summer. We thought we had it set in October, but with some issues like budget, etc., we are having to rethink what we are going to do. So, if you have any good ideas, let me know...

- I wish the show "The Unit" wasn't going off the air. Besides "The Office", I think it is one of my favorite shows.

- I still want Tiger Woods 09 for the Wiii for Christmas, any buyers?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Christian Culture" product of the month

OK, so I'm going to start a new thing on the blog where I put on a new item each month that is marketed to the "Christian Culture". I personally feel like most items that people market to Christians are rather ridiculous and I hope you find humor in them as I do.
First up is a Christian Energy Drink. Why drink just an ordinary energy drink or even a heathonistic energy drink like "Rockstar" when you can aspire to a higher drink like 1in3Trinity energy drink . Yep, now you can even show your faith as you're getting hopped up on juice and caffeine! Here's how the website describes it:
"Energize your mind and your body with the new 1in3Trinity Energy Drink.

A special blend handed down from the flourishing vines and trees of the Holy Land, mixed with B-vitamins, Vitamin C, herbs and antioxidants, make for an abundant taste and high-powered energy any time of the day.

1in3Trinity Energy Drink has a lot of taste, but not a lot of calories. Fused with "Fruit of the Spirit," may 1in3Trinity Energy Drink be the flavor of your life!"

Aparently, the drink company has done pretty good and has even gotten some good press. In fact they have just recently signed on with NASCAR driver, Morgan Shephard, as his official energy drink.
So the next time your gettin your caffeine from a starbucks, ask yourself is it "fused with Fuit of the Spirit"?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Surge Starts Now Video

A couple of our students made this week's "Surge Starts Now" video that we play at the beginning of our middle school service. Pretty funny effects...