Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Christian Culture" product of the month

OK, so I'm going to start a new thing on the blog where I put on a new item each month that is marketed to the "Christian Culture". I personally feel like most items that people market to Christians are rather ridiculous and I hope you find humor in them as I do.
First up is a Christian Energy Drink. Why drink just an ordinary energy drink or even a heathonistic energy drink like "Rockstar" when you can aspire to a higher drink like 1in3Trinity energy drink . Yep, now you can even show your faith as you're getting hopped up on juice and caffeine! Here's how the website describes it:
"Energize your mind and your body with the new 1in3Trinity Energy Drink.

A special blend handed down from the flourishing vines and trees of the Holy Land, mixed with B-vitamins, Vitamin C, herbs and antioxidants, make for an abundant taste and high-powered energy any time of the day.

1in3Trinity Energy Drink has a lot of taste, but not a lot of calories. Fused with "Fruit of the Spirit," may 1in3Trinity Energy Drink be the flavor of your life!"

Aparently, the drink company has done pretty good and has even gotten some good press. In fact they have just recently signed on with NASCAR driver, Morgan Shephard, as his official energy drink.
So the next time your gettin your caffeine from a starbucks, ask yourself is it "fused with Fuit of the Spirit"?

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