Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quick Christmas Story

Ok, so we had a great Christmas today. What we usually do is have our kids open a lot of their presents on Christmas Eve, and then we save a couple big ones for them to open on Christmas morning along with their stocking gifts.
Anyway, our girls were so excited last night that we thought they would never go to sleep. Needless to say, Chrissy and I didn't get to sleep until pretty late. So, when at the crack of dawn our girls ran in our bedroom and started shaking me to wake up, I wasn't real excited. I told Sydney "Give me a few minutes and then I'll get up", hoping that could by me a few extra winks of sleep. Five minutes later Sydney comes in the bedroom with a crisp one dollar bill and says "Daddy, I'll pay you a dollar to get up!" Well, she knew my price and she bought me off. I got up and had a great time watching the kids open gifts. The only bummer about the whole deal was that after opening presents, I found out that Sydney had taken the dollar bill from Daphne's piggy bank, so I had to give it back...

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Ray and Janell said...

that's a cute story dusty. i remember when our kids were little and did similar antics. cherish these moments man -- the time flies!