Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A couple good documentaries

Ok, my wife says I'm a geek, but I have a confession to make. I am addicted to documentaries. Yep, some of those same films that may have put you to sleep in your high school history or science classes are what I say is a recipe for a good time. Over the holidays, I was able to watch a few great ones that I'm sure would drive most to a deep sleep, but I loved.

The first doc that I saw was probably one of my favorites of the year. It's titled Helvetica and was great! Being someone who loves doing graphic art, this film really intrigued me. the film covers the dominance of the typeface (or "font" if you will), helvetica, since it's invention in switzerland. It is amazing to see the rise and widespread use of helvitica through the modernist period and the revolt to it in the 60's-70's by non-conforming designers. It will amaze you at how much the typeface is used throughout design and how timeless it really is. Warning: this movie is for true documentary fans...sleep factor for nonfans could be high.

The second doc is one tht has been around for a long time. Hoop Dreams. This film was made in 1994 and followed two inner city Chicago boys through out high school in their journey to the dream of getting out of the ghetto through a career in basketball. While this film is older, it is a great look into different socio-economic communities and the desperation in some areas. It is a film that really evoked some strong emotions and makes you truly want to reach out to the inner city youth. While it is a long film (almost 3 hours) it is very riveting. The sleep factor for non doc fans is not really high excet for the length of the film. BTW- this film can be seen free on Hulu!

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Jeff said...

Hoop Dreams is great