Monday, March 09, 2009

A new chapter...

Yesterday I had to do something that every youth pastor hates. In my "messages" file on my computer, where I keep past messages, I have a lesson document I secretely entitled "the bomb". I've only taught it one other time. In fact, I haven't even opened it since August of 2002. Just clicking on it made me want to cry. "The bomb" is a message I constructed on following God's direction and being obedient. You see, the only time I teach it is when I need to let my youth group know that I am leaving and moving to a new ministry.
After a ton of prayer and searching for God's direction for our family, God has confirmed to us that he has a new chapter for the Deckers. Mid-way through May, I will be stepping down as Student Ministries Director at New Life EFC and June 1st I will be assuming the position of Student Ministries Director at Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn, Virginia. While I am very excited for the opportunity to serve at CFC and looking forward to being back in Virginia where Chrissy and I lived for many years, I am also very saddened to leave our church family here in Colorado.
So, while turning the page is going to be a step of faith and excitement, the memories God has blessed us with at New Life will stay with us for eternity. Now I just pray I will not need to pull out "the bomb" for a very, very long time.


Ray and Janell said...

what? say it ain't so! VA is far enough away that camp will be out of the question ... right? bummer.

Dusty said...

Ya, funny thing how God calls us away from the promised land (Kansas). But hey, who am I to argue? :)

Robert said...

I cant wait for you to come to CFC!!!!!! I am so excited we have a youth pastor who likes sports of all kinds. I just hope you dont drop the "bomb" on us for a while.
_ _
Soon to be student,
Robert Smith