Monday, March 23, 2009

New Music On My iPod

I really like finding new music and over the last few weeks I have come to find some new (or new to me) artists that have been in regular play on my iPod.

1. Molly Jenson -
A great singer songwriter that is not 100% acoustic. I can't remember where I found out about her, but her CD has gotten alot of play on my iPod lately.

2. Sam and Ruby -
A wonderful duo that I first saw perform at last years Youth Specialties Conference in Nashville. They have such a unique sound from Ruby's soulful vocals and Sam's acoustic driven voice. I love their EP and can't wait for a full CD. Their song "Heaven's my home" is great and was even in the movie "The secret life of bees".

3. Alisa Turner -
Alisa is a singer songwriter that has a great testimony that includes growing up as a Pastor's Kid and even later in life dealing with mercury poisoning. She is a great songwriter and sings along with playing piano. You can really feel the emotion as she sings her songs that feel more like musical stories. She is in concert here in Denver tomorrow night, but I can't make it. Bummer.

4. The Airborne Toxic Event -
This is a great English type rock band that shows a lot of emotion in their music. I love their song "Sometime around midnight" and even found a video of them on the Dave Letterman show. I hope I can make it to their concert in Denver next month. Enjoy the video:

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