Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pot Pourii

- I am signed up to coach my 3rd grader's volleyball team this spring. Practices start this Monday night, so I guess I better read up on how to coach volleyball...

- I have had a lingering cold for almost a month now. It started as sinus pressure and congestion and now has mutated into a horrible cough that keeps me up at night. Any ideas about how to get rid of it?

- The Chiefs have been making some really impressive moves this off season with some of their new hires. Let's hope this means they can get back to the top of the AFC West!

- Thursdays are my day off, and the past couple of weeks I have found myself going to movies alone on Thursdays. Does going to a movie alone make me a loser? Anyway, today I saw "Taken". Great action flick!

- I have known that I am pretty ADD my whole life (which is probably why I love youth ministry so much), but I have recently realized that I am ADD when it comes to reading as well. My normal procedure is to start a book, get to about the third chapter, set it down, and a few days later start another book, then come back to the first book periodically. Crazy huh? Right now I'm in the middle of around 4 books.

- I have a new show that I am getting hooked on: Chuck.

- This last week an American radio icon passed away. Paul Harvey. While many younger people probably don't know who he is, for me his voice as familiar growing up as any of my family. I remember riding in my dad's truck down dusty dirt roads in the Kansas countryside listening to Paul Harvey's distinctive voice tell odd news stories in the way only he could. From what I hear he was a great person and a strong Christian. I will truly miss his voice and only have one thing to say to him.... Gooood day!

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