Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tiger The Great

Ok, can I just say Tiger Woods can not be human?
I am a huge fan of everything golf. I like to play it, watch it, discuss it, and even shop for it. In fact, whenever I smell fresh cut grass, the first thing I think of is spending an early morning standing on the first tee of a great golf course. Today I watched an unbelievable performance by possibly the greatest golfer to ever play the game. In this week's Arnold Palmer Invitational Tournament in Orlando, Tiger Woods came back from a 5 stroke deficit to sink a 16 foot putt on the final hole to win. It was crazy! Now if you don't follow golf, the thing that is extraordinary about this is that this is only the second tournament he has played since coming back from serious knee surgery that had him sidelined for almost a year. Considering some guys on tour would die to just win one tournament in their career, Tiger has won 89. All this and only 33 years of age.
Now, while I am a big fan of Tiger and have even been able to see him play in person, I do take issue with one thing that is coming with his return. That one thing is the sports radio hosts and tv commentators saying that the only good thing about the PGA is Tiger. They say that when Tiger wasn't playing do to injury, that no one really wanted to watch golf or even cared who won. I think those commentators are not true golf fans. Sure maybe they like to go out on weekends with their buddies and pop open a six pack and play a round at their local country club, but they aren't true students/fans of the game. The game transends any one player, and I am proud to say I would watch golf with or without Tiger. So, as much as I love seeing Tiger play, my love for the game does not live and die with Mr. Woods.


Ryan Paulson said...

seriously, that was an amazing put. the funny thing was, there wasn't much doubt that he was going to make it when stepped up to the put... even though it was 16 feet. There is definitely more drama in golf with Tiger! I can't wait for the masters.

Jeff said...

Well as you know I am quite the golfer so I can not say that I was all that impressed with Tiger's performance.

Not many people can tee off and land on the green of the previous hole like I can.