Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pot Pourri

- I am almost done cleaning out my office for our move to Virginia. It's taking longer than I expected, because with each item I find, I find myself sitting and being reminded of a youth group memory associated with it.

- The Nuggets lost the first game, but I have a good feeling about tonight's game in LA. If Nene and The Birdman can play some tight defense and the nuggs cut down their turnovers, I think we are unstoppable.

- So I finally got a Blackberry. I wasn't sure how I would like it, but I am totally loving it.

- Yesterday, I played a final round of golf with a few of my good buddies here in Denver. The whole round we had fun and trash talked each other. I realized that having close guy friendships is a vital need in my life. And having a guy friendship were we can be competitive while having fun is something I deeply desire on the golf course and off. I pray God brings me some close male friends in Virginia.

- Is it possible to love your wife and kids too much? If so, I think I am bordering on it.

- The Red Sox are playing the Nationals in DC in late June. Tickets can be found on Ebay, just in case anybody wants to get me a great father's day gift!

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Ray and Janell said...

dude! love your pot pourri post. hey, i have a huge favor to ask of you. will you please contact me at youthfront as soon as you can. i know you are moving across the country, but when you get a chance. thanks!