Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoughts on Parking

The other day I was at Tyson's Corner Mall outside Washington D.C. headed to my beloved Apple store. I went during my lunch hour so I was in a little hurry. Anyway, I pulled in the parking lot and couldn't find any spots. Thats when out of the corner of my eye I see a primo spot right in front of the main doors. As I pulled up, I checked the ground for a painted handicap marking and my heart skipped a beat when I didn't see one. Yes, it must be my lucky day! That's when I saw it. A sign that stated it was a "hybrid only" spot. Doh!
Now, here is my question: What good does it do to have hybrid only spots? I mean I am all for shrinking our "carbon footprints", but what sense is it to have the hybrids park easy and make the gas sucking SUVs and other vehicles spend an extra 10 minutes driving around spewing out exhaust looking for another spot? Wouldn't we want to have "gas guzzler only" spots instead? Hmmmm.

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