Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why not?

Friday I got the offer to join one of our CFCSM leaders, Jimmy, for a round of golf at a course near our church. From the first tee shot I took (straight into the woods), I knew it was going to be a long day of playing bad golf, but a great day of laughter and bonding. It was great getting to know Jimmy better and getting a feel for where he's going to fit into some of our fall ministry plans. Anyway, everything had been going perfect when all of the sudden on the 15th hole, while standing in one of the many bunkers I had found that day, I started to feel a few rain drops. I barely had time to get out of the bunker before it was like someone had turned open a giant faucet above us and it began to pour. We quickly grabbed our clubs, got in our carts and drove to the next tee. We sat there shivering and soaked waiting for it to pass, when something beautiful happened. We all looked at each other with small grins and must have asked the same question in our heads at the exact same time. "Why not?" So with giant smiles and me giggling like a kid again, we hopped out of our carts grabbed a club and teed it up. For the next three holes, we played completely drenched in this down pour as if nothing was wrong at all. We laughed, hit out of puddles, and felt like kids again. Other players would drive by us on their way to the club house and shake their heads like we were crazy. We just waved and smiled.
Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? Completely! Lately I have been trying to ask myself the question that I all to often forget to ask. "Why not?" I mean sometimes I think I forget to give God credit as a God that is capable of doing anything. Sometimes I am too busy at looking at my limitations and not God's lack of limitations. So, whether it be planning our upcoming year in the student ministries department or just playing golf in the rain, I pray I don't forget to stop and ask "why not?".

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