Saturday, August 22, 2009

God Hates Teeter Totters

This summer I took a step of faith. I assumed the position of being a director of an "average" student ministries in an above average church. While the volunteer leaders are unbelievable and there is great support for the ministry from the church, there has been huge turn over in my position and a void of direction. What this meant for me as I entered an empty office and unpacked my boxes, was that I had a choice to make. Either keep things going the way they've been and settle for "average", or do something drastic... change things.

Change. Even the word brings mixed emotions to people. To most companies, businesses, and even some churches, change represents a teeter totter. A teeter totter that can go in either the direction of huge success or in the direction of huge failure. The more change you bring, the more the teeter totter can lean one way or the other. Which means small change will bring small success or small failure. So to these groups, change is a big risk. Here's where I want to present a "Dusty" theological idea. I believe God hates teeter totters. I mean when God gives direction for change, whether it is ministry related or not, I don't believe there should be much question as to what will happen. If we truly give ourselves over to God to direct our path, and that path involves change, can our actions then be deemed "risky". It's really hard for me to picture Moses gathering the slaves and leading them through a parted red sea and half way through the sea stop and say "Guy's I'm really not sure about this, I hope it works. Even though God told me to lead you here, it doesn't mean He's right". God is not a crap shoot.

So, with this new school year, I have committed to giving the direction of the student ministries over to God. With this, God is leading me to change a few things to promote growth and raise our ministries to above average. While it might feel natural to have some doubts or fears that things might go in the wrong direction, I can only have faith and be excited to see what God does. May we remember that with God as our guide, we can't be scared. God has huge plans for us and none of them involve a teeter totter!

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