Thursday, March 04, 2010

Priority Check

Ever feel like you go through life with your head down in your daily routine, working yourself to death and finding yourself looking around and wandering why time flies so fast? Yep, me too. But last month I got a quick priority check. I received a call from my sister that my dad was on his way to the hospital with a possible heart attack. After a very long hour of waiting to hear what the diagnosis was, I found out it wasn't a heart attack but a serious heart problem that required immediate emergency surgery. Now I had a choice, I could either get on a plane as soon as I could and travel 1200 miles to be with him, or I could say I'm too busy with stuff at work and in my ministry and dealing with problems to afford the time away. I know what your thinking, "How stupid! That's a no-brainer! Go be with your dad!". But honestly alot of us make that wrong choice every day when we get our priorities mixed up and put other things in front of our family. The nights when I decide to work just a little more on my laptop at home instead of asking my daughters to play a game. The times I decide to stay that extra hour or two at work instead of honoring the time I told my wife I would be home to eat dinner with the family. I pray God helps us all realign our priorities so that He is first, our family second, and everything else follows behind. (BTW- I hopped on a plane the next morning, spent a week with my dad and he came through surgery with flying colors. Praise God!)

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